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Features to Look Upon While Buying a Shopping Cart

For those who are not aware of online shopping or shopping cart, we would like to first explain what is a shopping cart?

Shopping cart is a software with which you can list various products on a website and can process fees when customers buy products. Shopping cart software has made online shopping very easy as it automatically executes the buying process.

Shopping cart is the most essential thing for doing online shopping from an ecommerce website. Shopping cart software is of three types – shopping cart free software, shopping cart licensed software and shopping cart hosted software. You can choose any type of shopping cart as per your business requirement.

A good shopping cart should have all the features so that customers can come back to your website. Here we have listed some of the features of a good shopping cart.

  1. Easy Installation: a good shopping cart is one that is easy to install and has easy to use web interface.
  2. 24*7 Customer Support: a good shopping cart should provide a 24*7 customer support may it be via email or phone. In case of shopping cart free software, no customer support is provided.
  3. Multilingual Facility: a good shopping cart should definitely come with multi-language feature. A good shopping cart should have the ability to display content in multiple languages.
  4. Product Search: a good shopping cart should have a search tool bar feature so that customer can search products hassle-free.
  5. Reporting Capability: a good shopping card should have ability to get reports about your sales, inventory etc.
  6. Payment gateway Support: a good shopping cart should support different types of payment gateways such as Paytm, PayPal etc.
  7. Discount Coupons: a good shopping cart should have the ability of generating discount coupons. This is the most important feature to look upon.
  8. Products and Categories: a good shopping cart is one that allows unlimited number of products and categories to be listed on website.
  9. Payment Options: a good shopping cart should give you wide range of payment options such as cash on delivery, card payment, net-banking etc.
  10. Customer Registration: a good shopping cart enables customers to create account and view order history.

So, these are some of the features to look upon while buying a shopping cart. Hope this information will make your shopping cart buying process easy.

A Wow Factor for Your Ecommerce Website

Are you looking to set up an e-commerce website for your company? Well, you have stumbled upon the right article. In this article, we are going to discuss few suggestions on making your E-commerce website a great hit and which can enhance the shopping experience of the customers. There are many web shopping cart free software available in the market. You can choose any of them to start your e-commerce website. This software can help you to build the website as per the requirements of e-commerce business. Being new into the industry requires a guidance which this software is ready to provide that too free.

All the below-given suggestions are not fit for every business but they are for the most of them. These points are simple and very common but they can definitely add a convenient streak for the customers. Add these points to the website created with the help of web shopping cart free software.

  • The search bar on your website should be big enough that while the typing customer can easily read the content written in it. Most of the customers do not use the search bars because they are too small and the content is not visible properly. So why not add an extra space for a search bar to expand in the header part.
  • While navigating among the header to select which option to choose you might have seen that all the other options in navigation bar blur except the one you have a pointer Well, it is the very classic way to highlight the head you are working on.
  • In some websites, while checking the products if your cursor hover on the certain particular product it shifts or gets bold or moves, basically it distinguishes itself from the other available products on the site through one or other effect. It is a nice way to help the customer selecting.
  • You can add an effect on the images of your product in which they can keep on switching and playing like a video but only if you keep a cursor hovering the product. It can give the customer a basic idea about what he is going to buy under that heading.
  • A side option written as back to the top is also a good step for easing the customer’s effort to reach the top of the page. Because it will the save the time of customers of scrolling up and down on the page.

Ecommerce Software Solutions

The concept of e-commerce is getting bigger day by day, it increases the target audience of the companies and helps them to step beyond their geographical limits. E- Commerce also called as electronic commerce is a business process of buying and selling products or services using the internet. In earlier days we were dependent upon big stores or shopping malls to buy our each and every basic or luxury need. But now due to the advancement of technology and introduction of the internet we can buy or sell anything by sitting in the comfort of our homes.

Attiva ipersi is an online marketplace, where you can buy from a wide range of products. It also provides shopping cart free software solutions to the sellers. Our subscribers are effectively known as resellers. We also provide a platform for the resellers to grow their own e-commerce website and sell products. The software provides an online platform which allows third-party business to consumers or consumer to consumer sales.

The shopping cart free software at Attiva ipersi makes the transactions smooth and easy for the people buying or selling products on that site. The concept is introduced by few Venetian entrepreneurs by the vision of spreading e-commerce facility to each and every retailer in the world. Attiva Ipersi brings manufacturers, service providers and consumers altogether at one place. It helps them to open one or more online shops. The software is created in such a way that it manages all the transactions and processes of the business and helps you to deal with less paperwork and hassle free working. The software provides flexibility, customization and many more features to both buyer and seller.

General E-commerce solutions are just a platform to build your online store and will not be able to protect it from theft or other problems but at Attiva Ipersi the website and its product’s safety is completely ensured. It helps in providing the best e-commerce services to the clients. Through Attiva Ipersi your business domain and model is not stagnant rather it is diversified in nature.

How Web Shopping Cart Software Help You in Your Business

The popularity of web as a business platform is increasing with every passing day. Do you know whom goes credit to this? People and organizations involved in research and development. They introduce such things that make shopping online a great experience for buyers. Web shopping cart software is one of such inventions of software development researchers.

Web shopping cart software makes the things easier for both the buyer and the seller. They help the buyers to select several items at one time and make their payments together. This software acts like a basket when you go to a departmental store and keeps the items of your need in the basket provided by the seller and takes that to the billing counter after you collect what all you need. In the very same manner, this software works like a basket for a customer, what all a customer selects goes in the basket and when the customer has to make the payment, the seller can show him the exact amount to be paid. The software makes the billing process quite simpler for the seller, as this software does every calculation in just a couple of seconds and that automatically. Thus, this software makes life simpler for both the seller and the buyer.

Web shopping cart software free is also available in the market and that to of excellent quality. You just need to look for a reliable place to take this. One such reliable place is Ipersi Marketplace.

If you are a serious ecommerce businessperson, web shopping cart software is a must to take thing for you. So, do not waste your time and take the software that make shopping easier for your customers and business for you.

Types of Shopping Carts!!

These days, online shopping has become one of the fastest growing trends. People have find an easy way out of doing shopping. By online shopping, we can just sit at our homes, browse the websites and order the products.

But have you ever wondered what makes this shopping process so easy, what is the most essential thing with which our shopping process becomes hassle-free.

Yes, it is shopping cart. So, let’s talk about shopping carts.

In layman, we can define shopping carts as a software that allows customers to list products on website and processes fees when customers buy products.

Shopping cart software has made online shopping convenient as it automatically executes the buying process. We can also say online shopping is not possible without shopping carts.

There are mainly three types of shopping cart software – shopping cart free software, shopping cart licensed software and shopping cart hosted software.

Shopping cart free software is the application which can be installed on your website. It is also known as open source shopping cart software. This shopping cart free software provides you full control of the shopping process from installation to all the functions.

Shopping cart licensed software is the application that can be downloaded and installed on a web server. You have to buy the license key that requires only one time fees.

Shopping cart hosted software is the one that is provided by the application service providers. You have to take monthly or annual subscriptions to use these services.

Thus, these are the three types of shopping carts you can consider for your website. But before installing or buying, there are few things you should consider. Make sure that the shopping cart free software you are choosing should have all the features and provide best shopping cart solutions. Also, if you choose to buy licensed software, make sure that it should not exceed your budget. Also, if you choose monthly subscription, make sure hosted service provider should be authentic.

These are the few factors you should consider. Shopping cart software is the most essential part of an online website. So, take your decision wisely.

E- Commerce an Amazing Platform for both Consumers As Well As Sellers

Bringing the concept of e-commerce in the market has given a new meaning to the retail industry. Now the shops are not made of concrete or bricks only, they have changed the form into virtual images as well. E-commerce has solved many problems of common people. It is a place where users can pick their products by comparing various factors like price, brand, quality, designs, etc. By watching the success of this concept many new companies are also introducing software like web shopping cart software absolutely free, e-commerce software solution, etc.

E-commerce companies are entering into this platform for both the business models i.e. business-to-business or business-to-consumers. Sellers or retailers can approach the companies to sell their products online and on the same hand consumers can buy the products online as per their needs and requirements. On the sites of companies like Attiva Ipersi, web shopping cart software is free which helps the upcoming e-commerce companies to open their own shops online.

Like every other concept, this concept also has pros and cons for both business and consumers. Few of the advantages for consumers are:

  • Convenient: Consumer can find lakhs of products and designs at one place, just under one click. They don’t have to move from shop to shop to buy few products.
  • Saves time: These shopping websites saves the time of traveling and searching the product. It also removes the issue of long lines at payment counters.
  • Great Deals: Every day there is a different deal or discount on various products available online. The deal can be for cash back or coupons or 20-50% discounts on the product.

Advantages for e-commerce companies:

  • Increase in customers: E-commerce has removed the barrier of geographical limits, which has shown a significant increase in the customers of the The companies don’t have to worry about the lack of attention to customers by employees.
  • Increase in Sales: By avoiding the cost of maintaining stores, increase in customers and working 24X7, 365 days, the companies are generating great profits and an amazing number of sales.
  • Payment methods: The amount received from the sale will go directly to the accounts of the companies, which avoids the problem of managing a large amount of cash transactions.

Few e-commerce companies who are working successfully in the market are Amazon, Flipkart, Attiva Ipersi, etc. These companies are gaining success because of their wide range of products, good quality of products and amazing after service.

Attiva Ipersi Market Place

Now an amazing shopping portal with a wide range of products is just a click away. Attiva Ipersi calls themselves a web mall or a virtual marketplace, where you can shop variety of products from clothing, furnishings, sports accessories, bags and what not. You just have to open-choose-click-pay and the product will be delivered at your doorstep.

They named themselves as Attiva Ipersi which means activate or start Ipersi. Once you start with them there is no stop in the journey of amazing experience and pleasure. Ipersi delivers the product to your homes, shops or anywhere you ask them to.

Attiva Ipersi follows both type of business model: business to business as well as business to customer. They trying to cover as much market as they can by using these models. In parallel to local customers, they are approaching shop outlets or other retailers who either can buy orders from them or can become a seller on their platform.

Attiva Ipersi is trying to connect every retailer to the customer through its e-commerce platform. Everyone knows in current scenario e-commerce market is booming and have more benefits than shopping at the local stores. It removes the geographical constraint from the business and creates the availability of the product all over the world.

Attiva Ipersi has the vision to spread their services globally, it is already growing fast as a multi-sectoral marketplace in Italy. It is started by few Venetian entrepreneurs, who has the vision to make everything available online without any geographical limits. They are completely driven by innovative ideas, creativity, great vision, and success.

It has made the shopping experience easy and transparent. The shopper does not need a bank account or pay pal to make payments. Even they don’t have to pay any minimum amount or deposits. The receipts will be couriered immediately to the people shopping at the website.

Attiva Ipersi creates a trust with its client in return for which they receive the loyalty of the customer. Buy whatever you want the-the quality will remain the best. They don’t take a risk with the quality or goodwill of the company.